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ATM / Debit Card Contact your Local Branch

The Bank of Geneva’s MasterCard® MasterMoney™ Debit Card is not just an ATM card. This one card can be used in several ways for your daily banking needs. It ensures secure, reliable and immediate access to your accounts, anytime and anywhere. Our ATM/debit card helps you reduce the number of credit cards or the amount of cash needed when shopping or traveling. Our ATM/debit card also helps simplify your monthly budgeting by sending you a single statement.

If you do not already have one of our MasterCard® MasterMoney™ Debit Cards, please call the Bank of Geneva for more information. We will be glad to discuss how one card can simplify your ATM transactions and everyday purchases.

ATM Card Security Notes: Please DO NOT write your PIN-number on your ATM/debit card. Please DO NOT store your PIN-number in the same location as your ATM/debit card. If your card is lost or stolen, call the Bank of Geneva immediately at (800) 274-5127.

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