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Thank you for your interest in the Bank of Geneva.

The Bank of Geneva is a traditional community bank.  Established over 130 years ago to meet the exploding financial needs of the area’s “oil boom,” the bank continues to operate with the same pioneering spirit and mindset of its original founders by providing straight-forward, practical financial services at a reasonable cost to its customers.

The Bank of Geneva is proud of its history and confident about its future because we continue to offer the traditional banking products and services that customers want with the ease and speed of today’s technology.

Photo: Charles Porter

Charles Porter, husband of the world-famous writer Gene Stratton-Porter, saw the need for a financial institution in the Geneva area, which was in the midst of Indiana's oil boom. Operating the bank initially by using his personal funds, Mr. Porter was later joined by A.G. Briggs, David Studebaker, W. H. Niblick, R. B. Allison, S. W. Hale and George Hartman, other local businessmen from Geneva and Decatur. The bank's original capital stock was $45,000. In the following years the Bank prospered, grew in financial strength and developed customer loyalty.

In the Great Depression a three-day bank holiday was ordered to stabilize the nation’s failing banking system. Afterwards the Bank of Geneva was one of the few banks that was permitted to open. Bank of Geneva was able to serve its customers throughout the worst financial times known in the United States.

During the decade following 1965, the original bank was moved from the center of Geneva's business district to its current location in Geneva, and new offices were built in Monroe and Berne. Between 2000 and 2005 the bank further expanded its products and services to customers by installing a networked computer system, and opening branches beyond the Adams County line in Portland.In 2011, Bank of Geneva opened its newest office in Decatur.

Since its founding, the bank has never had a major change in management. Andrew G. Briggs’ descendents lead today’s management team.  The Bank of Geneva strategically plans to continue its long-standing tradition of independent local ownership by maintaining the same quality service, professionalism, confidentiality and integrity that has served area customers for over a century.

We invite you to stop by one of our branches or browse our web page.  You will find a bank dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers and serving our community.

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